Magdalene Mwachofi-HoD, Research Partnership and Networking Development

The researchd department successfully organized and held the 6th International Innovations for the Advancement of Humanity (IFAH) from 5th to 7th July 2016. The conference proceedings were held at the Hospitality, Tourism and Consumer Sciences complex, with the plenary being held on second flor, the parallel sessions on fist flor and meals were served in the restaurants on the ground flor. The Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Honorable Dr. Fred Matiangi had accepted to come and open the conference. However, he did not make it and instead sent Mr. Bashir, the Director of TVET to come and open the conference. Mr. Bashir also launched Volume fie of the Journal of Technology and Socio-economic Development. The conference started with the guest of honour touring various Academic departments, among them Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Building and Civil engineering as well as the college library and farm.

About Research at TENP

A total of forty nine (47) abstracts had been sent and were included in the book of abstracts. Two more papers were presented during the conference but whose abstracts were not received. These included a paper presented by The Eldoret National Polytechnic Chief Principal Mr. Josphat Sawe in the Education sub-theme and another by the HTCS department. This made a total of forty nine (49) papers. Fifty fie (55) presenters attended the conference. EXHIBITIONS The Eldoret National polytechnic students from Mechanical departments exhibited their innovation of the Supa Jiko during the conference. Out siders who exhibited were Rivatex who manufacture textiles. They made very good display of their products which all visitors, staff and students of The Polytechnic appreciated and purchased. KVDA also exhibited honey, bee hives and tree seedlings. They also made good sales. SPONSORSHIP The conference had several sponsors, among them: • Mr Sylvester Biwott who is a supplier to the Polytechnic gave Kshs 5,000 • First quality suppliers who supply cartridges gave Kshs 5,000 EXCURSION On the last day of the conference, presenters, members of the governing council, some lecturers and guests went for an excursion to Iten and Kerio valley. It was an exciting experience for many of them especially those from the Eastern parts of the country. Thirty seven (37) people went. The principal offered transport and lunch which they took at Sego club, one of the tourist attractions along the western rift valley. They also visited Cheploch and the view points along the escarpment. All who went were very happy. This was the fist time an excursion has been done after a conference.

Annual International Conference on Innovations for Advancement Of Humanity (IFAH 2017)

The Annual International Conference on Innovations for Advancement Of Humanity (IFAH 2017) will be held from 14th to 16th June,2017 at the Eldoret National Polytechnic. Innovations,Research Papers and Exhibitions are invited under the following sub-themes to the e-mails indicated: Education:Education for empowerment; (, Business & Economics: Creativity for business and economic empowerment; (, Mathematics & Pure Science: Scientic models and techniques for solving current issues; (, Engineering & ICT: Technological advancement for sustainable development; (, Health and Applied Science: Sustainable Scientific Solutions for posterity; (, Human Resource, Leadership and Governance: HR for sustainable development (, Cross-Cutting themes: (

Key Dates

  • 1st April 2017-Deadline for submission of abstracts (250 to 300 words)
  • 27th May 2017 - Deadline for submission of full papers (Not exceeding 3500 words including abstract)
  • 7 th June 2017 -Deadline for submission of Power Point slides

E. African Students Ksh. 2,500 Ksh. 3,000
E. African Non-Students Ksh. 4,000 Ksh. 6,000
Outside E. Africa USD 140 USD 150

Exhibition Fee: KSHS.15,000 ONLY
  • Submission Format:
    Soft Copies in MS word; Line spacing:1.5; All margins:1.5; Alignment: Justifed;
  • Font type:
    Times New Roman size 10; Double Column except abstract; Figures, Tables & Maps;
  • Reference:
    APA;Provide Author(s) full contact; Corresponding Author marked with an asterisk (*).

NB: Volumes I, II, III, IV & V of The Eldoret National Polytechnic's Journal of Technology & Socio-Economic Development can be purchased from our Library during working hours. Volume VI of the journal will be out soon


Journal of Technical & Socio-Economic Development,Volume V, June 2016

The Eldoret National Polytechnic is commited to publishing the Journal of Technology and socio-economic Development every Year.It is for this reason that the fifth volume of the journal is now here.This is in keeping with the objective of disseminating research work harder and publish more in their different fields.The Innovations for Advancement of Humanity (IFAH) conference is undoubtedly a forum for rigorous deliberations of innovative ideas brought forth by the research work presentedand later published in this journal.I thank the authors who sent and presented papers in the various sub-themes.

The papers presented have been peer reviewed and those that met the threshold for publication are hereby published.I congragulate the authors whose papers have now become part of the wide body of published work for reference.I also thank the peer reviewers and members of the editorial board for their time and sacrifice, and all those who in one way or another ensured this journal becomes a reality. I heartly welcome all readers ,and encourage you to refer to the work published in this journal in your academic work.Your input and reference will raise the profile of this journal and enhance wider exposure and access to knowledge and information contained herein.This will inspire other researchers and authors to publish with this journal. You can get a copy of the journal at Ksh. 1,500 only at The main campus research office or call 0725663355.

Prof. David Some
Chief Editor