Dean of Students Office

Message from the Dean of Students-Mr. Benjamin K. Maiyo

The Dean of Students offie (DoSO) is committed to helping all students at the college reach their fullest potentials in and out of the classroom. Our offie provides a variety of students support services along with opportunities for leadership experience and diverse student work environment. The DoSO connects students to resources, provides support and helps to create policies that impact each student’s experience. We are the main offie whose main activity is Student affairs. The offie provides wide ranging support to all students in times of challenge and crisis or when faced with concerns and struggles. ‘If you don’t know whom to contact, or where to start, the DOS offie is here to help you’. The DoSO is committed to the welfare of each student as well as addressing issues of personal safety, harassment, discrimination and promoting initiatives that strengthen our college and community. The DoSO oversees the entire scope of matters pertaining to students’ issues ranging from accommodation allocations and supervision to catering services. The DoSO is responsible for sporting activities and facilities, students associations, student council elections and general harmony in the various activities undertaken by students within the Polytechnic. This explains why we play a fundamental part in the systemic flw of academic and co-curricular activities in the institution. The DoSO deals with matters of student orientation in the Polytechnic, the clinic, drug provision and treatment.

There is a department of Guidance and Counseling with a HoD under the offie of the dean, and whose main duty is to answer to the needs of students and staff that grapple with problems occasioned by the ever-changing lifestyles and social environment. The Eldoret Polytechnic Student Union (EPSU) commonly referred to as the students government fall under our offie.We help students conduct their elections, swear in offiials, orientate them to offie and work closely with them to deliver services. Thus, we are tasked with the provision of linkages, flw of information and synergy of purpose in providing a conducive learning environment for students. Clubs and societies like wildlife club, environment club, karate club, religious groups such as Catholic Students Association (CSA), Christian Union (CU), Seventh Day Adventists (SDA), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Red Cross Society and music and drama clubs are organised and harmonised by our offie. We arrange fild trips, excursions and all social events to ensure discipline and integrity in students’ dealings. We also arrange for student motivation talks, prayer days and spiritual nourishments and assist students to overcome and manage any other emerging issues and challenges that may arise from time to time. We also advise and assist students apply for TVET/HELB loans, bursaries as well as linkages to various County Government loans and bursary programs and schemes. Indeed, our offie oversees and coordinates all aspects of student activities.

Students Orientation

Congratulations! You have survived the wild jungle we call high school and you’re now entering the scary rainforest called college. Just kidding, college is great — no seriously, it’s awesome. But before you jump right into this next chapter, we want to help you prepare for a successful academic and social career at TENP through our on-campus orientation.Student’s orientation is basically a rite of passage every incoming college student should experience. At this time in your life, moving from high school to college may be exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating. Maybe you’re nervous about finding your way around campus or making new friends. Don’t worry, we promise you aren’t the only student worried about these things, even if no one else will admit it. To make this transition a little easier, the Dean of Students (DoS) will guide you through orientation, helping you effortlessly become academically and socially integrated to our campus, experience a real college class and meet other new colleagues who could become your future best friends in college.

Still not convinced it’s worth your time? You can make friends before the term starts. By attending orientation, you can meet other incoming Students that are feeling just as awkward (or excited) as you are. Bond over that mutual feeling so that when you are still best friends during your final year, you’ll look back and laugh at how your friendship started during the icebreaker at student orientation. You might even meet your future roommate. You will know your way around campus before arriving on campus later. The Dean of Students office (DoS) will guide you around campus while also providing history and fun facts about our College. They’ll share their favorite hangout spots, nicknames of certain buildings and the locations of the best places to study.

You will be able to learn about various campus activities. At orientation there will be plenty of information about our campus life and all the ways you can get involved in student organizations. Thinking about joining one of our 10-plus clubs? Interested in Judo? How about Student Government? Feel free to ask the Dos about ways to get involved. Any additional questions, comments or concerns you have can be taken care of with a quick visit by our DoS office or by asking any member of staff ­— they basically know everything.

Talk to upperclassmen if you can, especially your Dean of Students (DoS). It might be intimidating to approach them but they have lots of valuable advice to offer if you just ask. Ask for tips about how to get involved, where to hang out on the weekends or the student traditions we have here at TENP. Don’t be afraid to ask for contact info of the other students. Seriously, do it. Keep in touch on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and get their number. Or you may never hang out with them again. But at least you will be able to contact someone you know (kind of) if you need to connect with a familiar face during the first week.During orientation, you will have your photo taken for a student ID.

Cultural Day

We sucessfully held our first ever Cultural day at the Students square on 1st June 2017.The event was graced over by the Chief Principal Josphat K.Sawe.Students from various tribes had the chance to represent their cultures in dance,dressing,singing etc. with the participants awarded certificates and other goodies.Cultural day will be held every year on the same day to celebrate our diversities and enhance national cohesion among our students.

Helb Loans for Students

HELB provides Technical, Vocational & Education Training [TVET] loans and bursaries to eligible applicants in the public TVET Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education[MoE], a member of the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions [KATTI] and placed by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service [KUCCPS]

Mission Statement: "To Produce Human Capital and Advance Technology through Innovative Training for a Dynamic Economy"
Vision Statement: "To be a Centre of Excellence in Technological Advancement"
Core Values: Customer focus • Integrity• Professionalism • Teamwork• Creativity and innovation