Deputy Principal-Academics

Messsage from the Deputy Principal-Academics-Mr. James Mwangi

The offie of the Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Affairs was created in September 2013 following the appointment of the Deputy Principal Academics by the Teachers Service Commission. The offie is in charge of all academic programmes such as timetabling, teaching and evaluation. To assist in actualisation of the vision and mission of the Polytechnic, the offie ensures that only qualifid students enroll in courses they qualify for according to the relevant requirements for admission and adherence to academic policy and ISO standard procedures To ensure that quality and relevant education is offered to our students, the Deputy Principal Academics chairs the Academic Committee, which comprises the Registrar, the Dean of Students, all Heads of academic departments and Coordinator of town campus. Membership to the committee is being reviewed and appointments shall be made in accordance with the TVET Act No 29 of 2013 and Legal Notice No 114. The committee ensures that programmes and new courses that are launched are demand based. The Academic Committee guarded by the Academic Policy and ISO procedures of curriculum implementation has a role of awarding fial marks to the students. During academic board meetings, all marks of students are presented, discussed and awarded. Whenever there are any challenges affecting standards, the DP Academics takes appropriate action guided by the resolutions made in the committee meetings and in line with the academic policy. It is the mandate of the committee to ensure that only those meeting the standard are released into the labour market.

As you join us,be agents of change and make products that not only can earn you a livelihood but can bring change in the world. Continue thinking and always aim at giving the best to humanity. Do not get so comfortable with the place or position you are in, the role and those responsibilities that come with it. Continue making yourself better. The country needs you to assist in solving problems that bedevil Kenya such as unemployment,corruption, poverty, diseases, insecurity etc. Please be agents of change and make our country a better place to live in. You are venturing into the world that is evolving so rapidly,with the filds of science and technology generally growing tremendously. New areas of research are emerging. Globalisation and the advent of new technologies and knowledge has made it necessary for countries to depend on one another for progress and development. The knowledge and skills acquired should make you look beyond the boarders for emerging opportunities.In conclusion I want to on your behalf to thank everyone who touch your lives in many ways. We say thank you: To your parents and benefactors who stand by you and ensure that you complete your course no matter what. To teachers who will try to instill in you a passion for learning, questioned your intelligence and your honesty and made you excel and show you the career path to take. To administrators who want to make our National Polytechnic experiences as amazing as possible. Thanks to all the loving, kind people you will meet during your stay at The Polytechnic. I wish you a future full of opportunities that can make you prosper and make life worth and meaningful to live.

You applied to come here because you wanted to have the best in both character development and learning. You have come here to maintain peace and discipline, which will make your stay here rewarding and enjoyable. While at the polytechnic, you will face lots of challenges which will give you the opportunity to learn more. The many challenges will teach you things about yourself that you couldn’t have learned in any other way. You will discover that you have a strong will to succeed. Perseverance, endurance, discipline, prayer and persistence will be the norm and that is why you will graduate with flying colours.

The offie of the Deputy Principal Academics ensures that teaching time tables are made in time and all lessons are taught effiiently and effectively by our team of highly qualifid lecturers. Students are required to attend all the lessons, practicals and do their assessments and examinations and to ensure they pass before moving to the next level or graduate.The Academic Departments under the Deputy Principal Academics include: - Applied Science/ - Building and Civil Engineering/ - Business / - Computing and Information Technology/ - Chemical Technology/ - Electrical and Electronics Engineering / - Entrepreneurship and Human Resource / - Health Science / - Hospitality, Nutrition and Dietetic/ - Liberal Studies/ - Mechanical and Automotive Engineering/ - Town Campus. The departments offer relevant demand driven courses.

Congragulatory Messsage:
It is my pleasure to congratulate the 12th graduation graduands who came and pursued their career in this National Polytechnic, which is known for its peaceful environment and academic excellence