Entrepreneurship & HR Department

About The Department

Message from the HOD

The department was started in the mid- 1980s as an initiative from the ministry of higher education with an objective of helping institutions generate extra incomes. the department has a responsibility of encouraging students through entrepreneurship education to positively change work attitudes to self-employment. The department involves itself in the following activities: 1. Consultancy services 2. Training the informal sector in best business practices 3. Coordinating of teaching of entrepreneurship education within the institution. It is also involved in teaching services and programs.

Currently the department has an enrolment of 20 students of which 12 are females and 8 are males. It has a total of 18 teaching staff, 1 technician, 1 secretary, and 10 BOG/Part- timer lecturers. The department has one computer laboratory to ensure that all students are equipped with the necessary information technologyskills to make them relevant in the modern labor market. Performance in the department is good and rated among the best performing departments within the institution with an average pass rate of over 90%. All our students go through attachment in various industries to provide them with exposure and work experience. This has enabled our students to easily get employment opportunities. Our students also participate in extra curriculum activities within the institution and their performance has been impressive. The department plans to venture in manufacturing in the near future as this will serve as a training ground for our students but also a good source of revenue for the institution

Courses Offered:
The following courses are offered in the department
Diploma in information studies.Certificate in library, archives and information services. • Diploma and certificate of human resource management. • Diploma and certificate in sales and marketing. • Diploma in entrepreneurship development. • Diploma in project management.