Non-Academic Support Services

Human Resource Officer-Nancy W. Kariuki

Typically,the Human Resource Management is the function within an organisation that focuses on recruitment management and providing direction for the people who work in the organisation. It is, therefore, a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people and the workplace culture and environment. Since its inception in 2013, the Human Resource Department in The Eldoret National Polytechnic has endevoured to acknowledge the value of its employees as an organisational resource and encouraged them to contribute effectively and productively to the overall college direction and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives. The human resource department has thus built such a framework that will ensure competitive advantage in the dynamic environment and allowed flxibility to develop a workforce for tomorrow through training and development of her staff. The knowledgeable and skilled workforce has enabled the institution to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The challenge has,however, been coming up with strategies to retain this highly competent workforce.Human Resource Management in the Polytechnic as in all other places faces an incredible number of pressures such as high rate technological change, change in the workforce including employees’ priorities, capabilities and demographic characteristics. These have led to the adoption of a multifaceted approach in delivering HR services that meet the needs of both the employer and the employees by listening and responding to the employees’ needs and managing the change processes to increase the effectiveness of the college.The HR Department recognises and appreciates the value provided by working with the management team to hire the right people, manage them well, pay them appropriately and build a working environment that encourages both organisational and personal success. We are therefore elated to have contributed in shaping the lives of our graduands today. As we heartily congratulate them for their achievement, we assure the labour market that we are sending out well prepared, enthusiastic and patriotic individuals to go into the world and make it a better place for us and our generations after us.

Management Information Systems-Kennedy K. Mutai-MIS Manager

The EldoretNational Polytechnic has grown drastically in terms of Technology for the last 16years. Digitalizing its system started with Student records management, that is, admission, registration and then fiancial records. Two years along the line, Hostel management,Library systems interm of cataloging, circulation and acquisition. Financial Management and Procurement and stores have also been fully computerized. MIS was created to provide a) Effective storage and retrieval of data b) Data integrity and security c) Web design and Development d) Printing and Editorial services e) Graphic and Video editing f) Computer maintenance and repairs g) User support and training h) Networking monitoring and Management i) Internet connectivity We have successfully interconnected both main and town campus and we are in the fial stages of inter connecting all departments and section through an optic fire link which provides high speed internet connectivity of upto 20mbs .I wish to thank the Governing Council and Management for the support especially in the ICT sector.

Catering Department-Tecla kemei-HOD Catering

Catering unit is the department charged with the responsibilities of offering essentialcatering services. The department has become an income generating entity and a P.A.Y.E (Pay as You Eat) cafeteria system has been adopted. The students, institutions employees and guests are walk in customers. The customer quickly complies their menu from individual pocket friendly priced delicious dishes and a student /customer selects and pay s for his or her meals using KCB pepea card before service is done. Our core objective is to ensure highly quality service delivery all our customer.The catering department has 24 members of staff who work diligently in provision of quality catering services to its clients. The department is committed to service aimed at attainance of institutions vision of becoming the center of excellence in technological advancement. We thank the principal and the entire management for the support towards the catering section. On behalf of the catering staff, I congratulate all the grandaunts and wish them all the best as they join the rest in nation building.

Grounds Section-Buxton A. Nyameino-Head of Grounds Section

G rounds section is one of the most important sections in the polytechnic communitywhich maintains high standards of cleanliness as I.O.S. requires. We satisfy our customers who are students. We make our compound clean and free malaria zone.Eldoret National Polytechnic cannot be compared to our neighbouring institutions in this region in terms of cleanliness as you have witnessed with us today. We even receive visitors from other institutions for bench-marking and thereafter we receive a feedback congratulating our good work done and good environment for learning. We are section which is determined to its best work, listening tour customers’ needs and trying to make customers to come back. We have all the equipment required for this beautiful clean environment we are in now.

Security Section-Benjamin Silu-Security Offier

Securitydepartment is committed towards providing safe and conducive work and learning environment to students, staff and stakeholders. On behalf of security personnel, I take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome all our graduates to this auspicious ceremony. We believe that everyone has the right to a comfortable environment free from any form of harassment and discrimination relating to gender, ethnic origin and identity or disability. Security which refers to protection from interference and apprehension is a crosscutting issue and therefore a collective responsibility. In this regard, for all stakeholders to participate, we have developed a Eldoret National Polytechnic community policing initiative which has made us reach this far making the institution a pinnacle of academic excellence. Having good structures of control and advanced security equipments, as we celebrate our 12th Graduation ceremony, be rest assured that your security and that of your property is guaranteed. We are a proactive department that always keeps abreast with the dynamics of global security situations in order to provide a 24-hour security service thus not entertaining routine which is an enemy to security.

Supply Chain Management-Mrs Emily Rono

Supply chain management has made great strive since its inception in 2013.The greatest achievement includes adoption of ERP system which links all the departments and reduction of paperwork in the department, effiient and effective supply of goods & services. Thanks to the principal and the management of The Eldoret National polytechnic. Thanks to our esteemed suppliers for continued support.

Head of Supplies-Mr Samson C. Rono Head of Supplies

The overall success of any organization depends on continuous supply of qualitygoods and services. Eldoret National Polytechnic pride itself in the dedication and commitment of its supply section staff who have continually and tirelessly contributed immensely to the success of this institution. We in the supply section ensure continuous supply of quality teaching materials to support our mission. The section wishes all the graduands in this 12th graduation the best as they venture into industry. Please come again.