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Message from the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is majorly in-charge of admission of students, marketing of programmes and administration of examinations among other duties. The registrar is assisted in marketing and admissions and administration of Examinations by Assistant registrar and Examinations officer respectively. The office counsel and offers consultation to both students and their benefactors on the right courses which suit their aspirations and career path. Consequently the students are given TWO weeks to change to their preferred courses. In addition, we advise students who have underperformed in particular subjects that may hinder their registration with regulatory or professional bodies to upgrade the same with KNEC while pursuing their course of choice.

The Eldoret National Polytechnic (TENP) open policy to both students, parents, sponsors, the community , peace and tranquility, and academic performance has a bearing on the high student enrollment which currently stands at over 12,800 students. The ratio of female to male students at TENP currently stands at 1 : 1.35 while the ratio of Female to Male for Science Engineering and Technology courses is 1 : 1.5 Tenp has introduced various distance-learning modules in Business and Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Departments targeting working class citizens. The state of the art Equipments from the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education ,Technical and Vocational Training has enhanced excellence in CBET and SET programmes which are aligned to the vision 2030 and in addition prepared the trainees in the field of work especially self employment strategies.