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Since its establishment, the Business Studies Department has continued to offer quality services to its clients. The department is guided by the philosophy of provision of quality good customer relationship. It is the largest Department in the polytechnic with a population of more than 1,000 students. The demand for our courses continues to increase as we focus on demand driven courses .The department continues to post good results in the national examinations .The department has 34 strong teaching staff. In addition to success in academics, the department has contributed to the success of the college in the co-curriculum activities. Students are engaged in games such as soccer, volleyball, athletics and hand ball. Being in an ISO certified institution, the Business Department has done very well in adherence to the principles of certification as it has excelled in all ISO audits both internal and external by KEBS. The adherences to the principles of ISO certification have gone a long way in improving our service delivery to our clients. The department has benefited from collaboration with HELB as students are able to get bursaries and TVET loans, which has given along way in assisting them in paying fees. The bursaries and TVET loans have also reduced the burden on parents and guardians. With the increase in the number of students, there has been pressure exerted on our existing facilities such as the computer lab, desks, chairs, and teachers.

This has increased the ratio of students to the Message from Business Studies Department resources available. Students, who graduate from the department, are absorbed in industries all over the country. They have contributed a lot to the development of this country. Student enrollments have continued to increase as the demand for our courses continues to rise. The Department is looking forward to offering its courses online in order to enable students who are engaged in other duties to learn by leveraging on technology. In addition to learning of business skills, the students are also able to build on soft skills as they learn courses such as life skills and communication. The students also go for industrial attachment during their courses. This has gone a long way to put into practice what they have learned in college and enable the department get to know what the market needs. The coming of TVETA has brought a new dimension to training by requiring the department to offer competence training. The courses offered are in line with the Kenya Vision 2013, which requires trained manpower and drive the vision to its realisation.

David Allube
Head of Department